Finals are Nearly Here

Congratulations to those teams that have made it through to the Finals and good luck to those teams that need results to go their way this weekend!
Under 12 BJL, Under 13 BJL, Under 14 BJL, Under 15 BJL, Under 16 BJL
Under 12 Div 2, Under 15 Div 2, Under 16 Div 2 Girls, MCL 2, WCL 4, O35 Div 3 Thunder
Under 13 Div 2, Under 13 Div 5, Under 14 Div 3, Under 14 Div 1 Girls
Rosters  30 August
Set-up: U7 Lions, U8 Butcher Birds and Cockatoos, U9 Monsoons, U11 Cobras, U12 BJL, U14 BJL (Sunday), U14 Div 1 Girls (Sunday)
Pack-up: U8 Eagles and Lorikeets, U9 Hurricaness and Thunders, U11 Vipers, U12 Div 2, Under 14 Div 1 Girls (Sunday), U16 BJL (Sunday)


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